Help with what software is good for menus and chapters



I have a movie that I want to create a DVD out of. The movie has two parts, first part is the event and the second part is the interviews.

I have so far been using pinnacle studio 12 ultimate, and I did make a dvd with three menus, M1 (the main one) pointing to M2 and M3. M2 and M3 have a button to allow the user to choose the whole movie and also has buttons to let the user choose individual scenes.
And the menus work fine, except…

When I play the dvd and in M1 select play wedding, I am redirected to M2, which is correct. In M2, when I select individual sections to play, say Ch3, it plays all the way till the end of Ch3 as it should and then returns to M2 as it should. However, while Ch3 is playing, if I hit the previous / next button, the video skips to Ch2 / Ch4. This isnt the way it should be, it should go back to the beginning of section when I hit the previous button on my remote and skip to the end of Ch2, see the RTM marker and return to M2. And if I were to select Ch1 , if I hit previous while Ch1 is playing, I am sent back to M1(the root menu) and not to M2 which is hat should happen. Same thing happens if I select M3. So it seems like the links work from the menus to the chapters but the prev and next buttons on the remote or the computer player treat the entire DVD chapter sequence as one long sequence without paying attention to the Return to menu markers.

My timeline is like this

M1 M2 Ch1 RTM2 Ch2 RTM2 Ch3 RTM2 Ch4 RTM2 Ch5 Ch6 Ch7 C8 RTM2

M3 Ch1 RTM3 Ch2 RTM3 Ch3 RTM3 Ch4 RTM3 Ch5 Ch6 Ch7 C8 RTM3

There are no previous and next buttons on any menu

The problem in a nutshell is that the menu buttons and all the chapters and the RTMs work fine, but it is still possible to skip between chapters by using the previous and next buttons on VLC player or Media Player. So Im assuming Ill see the same behavior if I burn the movie to disk and play it in a standalone DVD player

Why is this happening and how do I fix it.

And if pinnacle12 studio ultimate isnt the right tool to do what I want, what would be a good software


Studio 12 ultimate should do fine at what you want. You may have made a mistake somewhere with your chapters and markers… Have you tried redoing them from the beginning to see if you get the same results.



Reading your last post, I did what you said, and I went and started from scratch, and then added a menu M1 that would point to submenus M2 and M3.
These submenus M2 and M3 have several chapters, which have RTMs at the end of each chapter. The submenu have individual buttons all marked as normal buttons, which allow the user to select individual scenes, a button which allows the user to select play all (this I had to enable through pgcedit),
and a ROOT button to let the user navigate back to the main menu M1.

The RTMS for chapter 2 to the last chapter all return properly to the calling submenu. It only the RTM of CH1 that causing an issue and it causes a return to the root menu instead of the calling submenu.

The other thing is that the skip and next buttons cause the movie to skip forward or backward through the RTMs.

Can you walk me through what I need to do to get the DVD to play how I want

Also what is the differnce between normal buttons, thumbnail buttons and root buttons. For example can I use a normal button to point back to the root menu.


While I am familiar with Studio12, I have never made such complex menus… Have you tried searching for a tutorial on making menus?


I creates separate projects for the two sections. And they work perfectly. Project1 is the coverage of the event and Project2 is the interviews.
The chapters, the menus, and the RTMs in these projects work perfectly.

Now what I want to do is to create a project where I combine the two projects and create a menu that has two buttons that link to the menus in each of the two projects. How do I do that?


Hope you don’t want a fast answer as harley2ride won’t be back for five days.


Well anyone can answer, cause I dont know what to do


Sorry shashgo, just didn’t want you to think you were being ignored. I don’t use Studio 12, so I can’t advise you on this.

I use DVDLab Pro, and though it is capable of making this type of menu, I rarely make menus this complicated with it.