Help with vobblanker and pgcedit in removing warnings

hi everyone

can anyone help i am using vobblanker to take out the warnings i blank it out and but when i save it
the warning are still there,i open up the dvd and go through all the vts and blank the warnings but
when i save it the warnings are still there,and the same with pgcedit and go through the all the vts
file and kill the playback on the warnings but after i save it warnings are still there can anyone
help point me in the right direction into what i am doing wrong thanks to anyone who can help

That’s a hard one to diagnose as there’s not much that can go wrong with that process in PgcEdit.

In PgcEdit all you need to do is right click the appropriate PGC, kill playback and if necessary accept any default suggestions.

You do need to save the changes though before they take effect.

Is this perhaps the problem?

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the warnings i notice are right after the movie movie say around 2 seconds right after is thee a way to blank it out from
the end i tried to edit it using pgc edit but it does not give me the option to edit it just after the it says end as tahts the part i want to remove or blank out so after it says end once u see the black screen it fades out

DVDShrink in Re-Author mode should be able handle it for ya…

but shrink wont keep the menus they must be a way to edit the last few seconds at the end

Sure you have enabled “Process Menus” in the main window of VobBlanker?

(Assuming that the warnings are in the menu vobs).

yes i have i am trying it with both pgcedit and vobblanker i just want to get rid of the warnings at the end its right after the movie so just want to edit that part out so the warnings are gone after the movies finishes

I get a feeling that you are in the title set and trying in VobBlanker and not in the menu vobs.

Have you double clicked on the row for the title set that holds the warnings? That should give you a pop up window with the menu cells inside to select the ones you want to blank out.

yes i have and they have been blanked when using vobblanker but there is also a warning on the vts_1 where the main movie is its at the end of it

as i said the warnings are 2 seconds after the movie i have blanked out the warnings but i think the other warning is join to the end of the movie can anyone help is there a way to just edit the warnings at the end

If the warnings are in the same cell as the part of the movie ends, I would go for a split of that cell and split it right were the warnings start and then in the second round I would blank the new cell that holds the warnings.


You should be able to do it in one step, just cut out the warnings from the cell, if you follow this guide.

many thanks to everyone taking timeout helping me its greatly appreciated,Gummigutta your option worked perfectly i was able to blank it out once again a very much appreciated thank you