Help with virtualdub



I have some mp4 that I need to change in super so I can use them in virtualdub. But it said after using a avi video output container, mp4 video codec, and a mp3 video, virtualdub said that I need a video for window (VFW) compatible codec to decompress the video. What should I use to change these mp4 in super so I can use them in virtualdub.


window (VFW) compatible codec = You need the Windows Media Player 9 Codecs
if you are using Super to encode mp4 select DIVX Compatible with all players it’s the top option. :slight_smile:


I am still getting the same message.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack available from lots of places will fix you up.

Although, you probably should tell us what you’re trying to do … there might be an easier way :wink:

Super will re-convert the video into something else, and the audio, and if you are just cutting/splitting, there can be programs to do this better than re-converting the entire file :wink:


I have some mp4 that I am trying to convert so that I cut them with virtualdub. But virtualdub keep telling me that I need vfw codec (video for windows) to decompress the video. If it something better to do this with, prefer freeware, to do this with let me know.


VirtualDub is not able to manage WMV files for copyright issues if I’m not wrong.

For what I know, you can’t use at all VirtualDub with WMV files even if you install all codecs.


Yup, that is so.
The creator mentions that in the README.


so no matter what I change these mp4 into they will not work in virtualdub. I now have avs video tools.


You could try somehow splitting the video & audio streams out & remuxing to avi with avimux.