Help with video quality on new LCD widescreen monitor

Hi. I bought a new monitor Samsung 225bw 22 inch widescreen. I also bought a new video card. XFX Geforce 7600 GS 512MB AGP card. Everything is installed and working ok. This is my first LCD screen. Everything looks amazing on the net. I havn’t played any games yet. I am hoping it’s just a driver problem. Maybe I don’t have the correct driver. I DL the latest driver from nvidia, I’m not sure I chose the correct one. ANYWAY, when I watch a DVD, films all look very pixilated. Very bad. Not burns, mean store bought DVD’s, anything I play. I use VLC player. The screen always looked great for movies on my old crappy dell 15 inch monitor. I’m wondering what problems would cause the screen to be messed up for films? I read all the reviews on my monitor and card, before buying. No one said anything about movies looking crappy. If anyone might direct me to the correct driver for my video card, or give me an idea of what the problem might be I would be very greatfull for the info. Google has not been much help so far.

Set the resolution on your Samsung LCD Monitor to the maximum resolution that your “Video card” can handle. Try different type DVD video and see if the problem resolved if not, upgrade your video card driver or consider returning the monitor for replacement.

I tried the latest driver from nvidia, the latest driver from xfx, and the driver that came with the disc. All have the same problem. Resolution is the max 1680x1050. I’ve also tried changing to other resolutions with no success. I’ve tried all types of videos, DVD DISK, avi files, mpegs, all the same. Really bad pixilating. I also tried watching on other players besides VLC. No luck. I will try everything else before returning the monitor, the monitor looks great for everything except when I play a film. Even the intro to Terminator 2 on the DVD where they show the thx and all that, looks great. Then when it goes to the actual film, things look bad.

Would low power supply cause pixilation in video? I heard you need a 400w power supply to run my video card. Mine might be 250w, or whatever dell installed on dimension 8200’s. I just dont want to spend more money on something if that isnt the cause.

Then try to either connect your monitor to another PC with different player or replace your player in you pc see how if this resolve your problem before you returning your monitor, may be the problem lies with your DVD player.

You are under powered for your video card, the min requirements is 350w. If you continue you will have bigger issues down the road. Regardless of your problem, I would recommend that you upgrade your power supply at least 500w+. Give yourself some room because it’s better to have more than to little.

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I wish I never decided to get a new monitor. :sad:

I just bought a 500 watt power supply. Since I have a dimension 8200, this might not work, might even fry the mobo. First I will have to get a blow torch and some pliers to make room for the on off switch, since Dimension 8200 has no room for it. I decided not to order any special power supply from dell. If this doesnt work I’ll pour gasoline on it and put it out of it’s misery. :a

you need to download the newest drivers for the monitor also, as i heard then ones on the disc where a bit flaky.

i have the same monitor, and all I can say HOLY SNIKEE’S, this thing rocks.
I hav e to agree that u are under powered by alot…
A friend if mine had the same issue with the dell, he used tin snipes to cut the room for the supply to fit, make sure u dont loose any metal in there, mihgt short something.

good luck

The power supply will not fry the motherboard. Can’t find one that will fit in your case?

Would a new computer case be out of the question?

If you already have a power supply all you have to do is buy the shell and you don’t have to spend alot of money. Just make sure that it is a bigger case and that it will conform to your motherboard and power supply. Move all your components from the old case to the new case and make sure that your label things so that you have mirrored everything exactly.

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easier to cut the case…hooking all the front button stuff up on an unlabeled mb is a bit of work sometimes, as if it is like my friends that modded there cse to hold the supply, his mb had a ide looking connector that all the front ports plugged into…looked under it and it wasnt labeled, so the new case still site in his garage until he finally upgrades to a new mb.