Help with Video Edits



Thanks to, I downloaded AnyDVD2 and CloneDVD2 and was able to burn my first DVD. But I want to edit some of it, so I downloaded DVDLab Pro 2 and ran into 3 problems.

  1. I am able to take some sections out, but when I play it back the picture freezes momentarily before skipping to the next section. Is my DVD player just too slow?

  2. I lost my audio track.

  3. DVDLAB Pro 2 would not burn so I had to send the new file through a Roxio burning package. So I had to go through three programs to do what I wanted. Can anyone help me streamline the process? Hopefully this will help with number 2 as well.

Thanks for your help.


I’m not familiar with DVDLab Pro 2 but I can tell you that a lot more information is needed for members to help you. For example, when you ask if your DVD player is too slow, we don’t know what your system is, what media you used or a wealth of other issues. Did you receive any error messages? I’m sure other CDF members can expand on this list.


Sorry, I’ll try to clarify a little. My player is a PHILLIPS DVD740VR and the disc is a Verbatim DVD+R DL. I didn’t receive an error message during playback, but there was a noticable momentary pause while the edited section was skipped over.

Please let me know if I am still not providing enough info. I really want to make the edited version look great, but this is all new ground for me. Thanks again.


I may be in over my head as I don’t know the program but is it possible the “noticeable momentary pause” was the layer break? I’ve seen this a lot playing back DL media (and you’ve used the only one recommended).


I don’t think it is the layer break because the pause occurs just before the edited section is skipped over. (Sorry if I wasn’t clear before.) The layer break could be a possibility only if the edited section occured at the layer break. I think there that I made need to use what DVD LABPRO calls a “destructive” edit technique instead of the “non-destructive” Skip Section tool in DVDLabPro. Or maybe I just need a better DVD player.


I use DVDLab Pro 1.5, not 2.0, but I don’t use it for cutting out sections. I use it for building menus, creating chapter points and putting my mpeg2 files into dvd format. For cuts I use VideoReDo. It seems to handle the “destructive” cuts very well.

VideoReDo has another nifty little tool called Quickstream Fix that comes in handy for video/audio sync problems. That in itself is worth the cost of the program. Of course, you should try out the free demo first.

Most of the time I am working with mpeg2 captures, but I believe VideoReDo can handle vob files also if you set it correctly. In the options you have to check the Combine Sequential Filenames in order to get it to work with an entire dvd. Look through the FAQ’s at their website.

I personally don’t worry about streamlining—I want a process that works, even if I have to use several different programs to achieve this. So I use specific tools for specific purposes. For example, I have gone over to ImgBurn almost entirely now for burning dvd videos. I use a shell extension to directly burn the Video_TS folder using ImgBurn if I don’t have it in an ISO file.


Great, I’ll try VideoReDO. Thanks.


Thank you. VideoReDo works beautifully (no pauses.) Is there a program that will let me adjust the output volume of the audio stream. I want to slowly fade audio out before the edit so the audio doesn’t reveal editing.


Audacity and Adobe Audition are two possibilities. You should be able to fade the volume in either of those. Audacity is free, but not as polished as the Adobe Audition program.

I’m pretty sure Adobe Audition can import the audio directly from the mpeg file, so you may not even have to demux before using it. Been too long since I’ve used it though, so I may be wrong about that.

Don’t have that much experience using audio editing programs, so there may be some other, better choices available.


I like the free part about Audacity, but it crashes when I try to load the mpeg so maybe it requires demux, too. I would like to be able to view video as I edit the audio. Is there a program like that?


Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD (there’s a clumsy name) is a possiblity for what you want to do. I don’t use this particular program—at the time I was researching mpeg editing tools I chose VideoReDo and DVDLabPro.

This Womble program can take the place of both, but back then there were quite a few more complaints about the cuts from the Womble programs, so I chose VideoReDo instead.

Let’s shorten the damn name to Wizard shall we? Anyway, Wizard will allow you to raise and lower the volume of the audio on a timeline. This should be pretty close to a fade function when you apply it to a small area in the timeline. They have a fade tool, but it seems to apply only to the ends of the video.

Since you can see both the audio and video timelines, you should be able to tell exactly where to decrease the volume. Since I don’t use this tool, I can’t tell you whether or not you can play the video and hear the audio while you are editing on the timeline. You’d just have to download the demo and check it out for yourself.


Once again your on the money. Even though you can’t hear audio while editing, Wizard’s built in fades work great. The fades do only apply to the video ends, but the software easily splices clips to create video ends at any point. Thanks again.


Have other software?


I’m demoing right now. Have not bought anything yet. I’ve tried VideoReDo, DVDLABPRO 2, Audacity and Womble Wizard.

By the way does anybody know the best website to find top quality Dual Layer Lightscribe discs?


Sorry, should have looked first before asking. My question is answered on the Dual Layer Lightscribe Media thread on the blank media forum. For now, I guess I’ll have to trim my videos to fit on single layer discs if I want Lightscribe.