Help With Vcd

Im having a problem making a vcd. i have bumfights vol 1 and 2 as mpg and used nero the latest verision to make them using nero express and picking video cd it made them find and they worked on my dvd player. now i have bumfights 3 its a avi video clip. when i drag and drop this in it loades real fast instead of analizing for a few mins like the other 2. when the other 2 r done they start burning. when 3 is done then it says encodeing in the next window and takes like a hour befor it starts burning and then when it was done it was real blockey and chopy on the screen like real bad i used the same disc and nero and did everything they same. y the problem? i have a plextor 712a. could it be the avi format? seams mpg works every time this is the first avi file i think ive used. is their a way to change it to mpg or something? will that help?

Convert it with TMPGEnc plus. They have a trial version.

Thanks i tried that it did convert it but when it was a avi it was like 700mbs and after it was like 1.7 gigs for some reason. i checked and their was like and extra hour of blank screen at the end. i dont know what from. i just did it again with nero express and it worked. now another question is i got another movie that in in a folder with 2 parts disc 1 and disc 2 and in each disk is alot of smaller .rar files that i guess would be one chapter each? how do i get them on video cd? or would i need a dvd? since its 2 discs if should fit on 2 cds right? but also with out even puttin it on disc how do i get the .rar files to at least play on my pc?

o yeah i needed win rar to decompress them hahahaha.