Help with VCD/SVCD problem!

ok well this is my frist time comming here, and posting, ok I have Nero and went to go open “make a vcd” this what pops up “nero.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” so i couldnt find out what was happening, then my roommate was on my computer and said that he tryed to make a SVCD and I needed a mpeg-2/svcd codec or something, well his stupid butt downloaded off the net, and opened it up and changed something, now I cant open “make a vcd, and make a Super vcd” but I can open “Burn DVD files” so I try to unistall it and reinstall but the same problem keeps popping up, maybe you guys could help me pls??

I found the file that he downloaded, its called “Nero 6 DVD-Video Plug”
there are 2 files in the zipped file one exe is called [ CD and DVD Appz ] Nero MPEG2 Video Codec Plugin.exe<---- this is the one he said that he installed, mybe this might hlp you guys out <>(oo)<>, pls agian im sorry if this is not the right forum for this post.