Help with using Imgburn, decrypt and ISO

Sorry, these may have been asked before… can’t seem to find simple guidance.


(a) Can I burn a ISO file to a DL DVD and make it work on a normal DVD player? How, please help.

(b) How do I copy protected DVDs using Imgburn to decrypt and burn them to a DL DVD? If Imgburn can’t do that, what should I use in conjunction with Imgburn to decrypt.

© Is it better to burn a ISO image and them copy to a DVD?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can burn an ISO to a DL disk. You just have to use the right tools.

First off, don’t use anything other than Verbatim DL media. Some other types are acceptable, but the quality varies too much for recommendations, so it is safest to use Verbatim.

Second, you’ll need a good decryption/ripping program. If you are trying to back up newer movies with more advanced protection schemes, you’ll need a program that is still being updated. That means either DVDFab or AnyDVD. There is a free version of DVDFab, called HD Decrypter, but if you use it, you won’t have a free trial of the main program…just a heads up on that.

In any case, rip the files to the hard drive. Then build and burn the ISO with ImgBurn. Here is the guide for building the ISO and MDS file: Use the MDS file as input and burn to the disk using ImbBurn in Write mode. Burning Verbatim DL disks at 4x seems to be a fairly safe choice these days.

Or you can have it output straight to the burner, as shown in this guide:

Thanks a lot, it’s highly appreciated.

There is a free version of DVDFab, called HD Decrypter, but if you use it, you won’t have a free trial of the main program

hi kerry,

if you use the DVDFab HD Decrypter you will still have the trial of Gold/Platinum for the first 30 days. after that you can still use the free HD Decrypter. :slight_smile: i know we have talked about this before. :slight_smile: just wanted to make this clear. :slight_smile:



if you want to use ImgBurn i would suggest the trial of AnyDVD as Kerry mentioned. if using AnyDVD and ImgBurn you will have to use ImgBurn read mode then ImgBurn Write Mode.

or you can use DVDFab Platinum in Clone Mode or Full Disc Mode and set ImgBurn as burn engine for [B]one click[/B] backups. :slight_smile:

Perhaps I should say that as you use DVDFab HD Decrypter, you’re using up the 30 day trial as well?

I’m quite clear on what has been done to the program. And when advising someone new to the program, I expect them to use it for more than 30 days, so essentially they are burning through the trial whether they ever go into the main program’s settings or not. So I will continue to warn people of that when recommending the program.

There are any number of ways of making an ISO and going to DL. AnyDVD plus DVDDecrypter still works fine for making ISO’s and MDS files that can be burned in ImgBurn for example. For someone new to the process, the steps I outlined in the first post works fine using free tools.