HELP with using Clone

I have used clone alot before but stuck why i cant create a backup of a psx game which has 5 games on a menu it has :
Duke Nukem
Syphon Filter
Small Soldiers
I know these games are NTSC format but when trying to create an image file it gets to about 35% read and stays there for ages.
The disc is not a cheap brand media it is TDK blue and there is no scratches on the disk.

Anyone help us at all would be great.

>>a psx game which has 5 games on a menu <<

Are we talking about ORIGINAL PSX disk here ?!

No its not its got :
syphon filter
planet of the babes
i cant remember other

i tried using blind read an it said something about bad sectors and was still going on read for hours and got to about 53 % in 2HRS.
It works though in psx without skipping sound or video and there is no scratches or anything like that its just weird.
I bet me mate he couldnt do it and it P***** him off for as he was at it for about six hours with still no joy

Have you got any ideas as its just WEIRD ???


well only thing i can think of is make sure you have tha newest clone cd ( and that u use LibCrypt profile to read and write. also i would recommend using read speed of 4x and a write of say about 2-4x and that u are using the newest firmware for your cd-rw drive.

good luck :slight_smile:

:confused: :confused:

I tried what u said, but it still didnt work, but it did READ upto 58% this time which is better but still no result.
I have decided that i am not going to give up and may experiment with using other software.

What do you reckon and what would you try next except giving up.

Thanks for your help i hope that you will give us some ideas.