Help with upgrade from W98SE to WinXP



I've thought about upgrading to WinXP as it becomes more common with users and more drivers are being made available by vendors.

My problem is that when I try to install it over Win98SE it goings through the checking process and begins to install but then fails. The only hardware that I have the might fail is my TVcard, TvView 99, could that be the problem?



turn off antivirus’s ? its not the tv card, 99% sure of that. set your bios to boot to cd, and install from there :wink:


There is a utility (on the XP CD?) that you can run before the upgrade. This should tell you what software is / isn’t compatible (a lot of the Norton tools, AV progs, etc).

I personally upgraded from 98 to XP, but after a couple of weeks, I ended up doing a clean install from scratch. I was running into weird video/network problems.

Use this link for checking compatible hardware


Although I have successfully upgraded from Windows 9x to XP several times, I would not recommend it. A clean install is the way to go. Check hardware compatibility before proceeding. Did you receive any error messages when the installation failed?