Help with updating video card



My Desktop had The BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) until my uncle came in and fixed it… so thats fine and all but he leaves without installing any sound or video drivers so im left here updating my computer all by myself :eek: well… i got the sound working, I installed Stepmania ( and i started to run it… it stops me and says i need to update my video card… well i know how to do that and all but when i go to device manager to check which video card this computer has it doesn’t say… i also go into my properties for my desktop to check from there it says nothing… is there anyone out there that had this problem and fixed it, could they also help me?



Run it and look under Hardware–>Devices–>Display Adapters


Please give us some computer information. What OS, if a store bought pc, what brand and model number, if you or someone else built this pc, what type of cpu, ram, hard drive, etc.


well without knowing what graphics card is on there and if windows dont auto detect it… it can be a little tricky finding out what video card drivers you will need :frowning:

so assuming you dont know that… if it’s onboard video i would try finding out what motherboard you have as it might help narrow down what graphics card you might have on it.

if you got some sorta Dell type PC i would consider looking at there website for your model and see if it lists any video card drivers etc.

EDIT: looks like some people beat me to the post :wink: … but if that program Kerry56 recommended can even detect stuff that your dont have drivers installed to… that could be very helpful :wink: (i never used that app myself though)


Don’t know that it will work NBR, but its worth a shot. :wink:


Nope didn’t help but thanks anyways ^^ uhm its a windows xp bought from MDG i might just go there later and check what it is.