Help with unknown drive HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH30N



first i’m new to this group so if this is posted on the wrong section i’m sorry.

i have been trying to find the firmware rpc1 or at lease a backup copy of the current firmware for this drive but i have failed to do so.

i cant figure out who or where this drive is from
i know it is an LG/Hitachi oem drive but i cant find it any where


Also i check the chipset on the drive
Chipset : Renesas R8J32720FPV

attached is a screen capture using the VSO software to get the details of the drive

If anybody can help would be great as i am looking for the firmware.

thanks :slight_smile:


It’s an LG Blue Ray drive.


that i have found out but i cant seem to find any details on this drive any where, have googled for the past 2 days and got nothing.

reason i’m searching is to find the firmware to change it to rpc1 or rpc2reset

this drive suppose to be a upgrade to the BH20N for better burn speed on blur-ray

so at the moment i cant find any info for this drive or any firmware
so was wondering if any guru can help me out on this.

and if can a way to do a dump/extract of the firmware from the drive so can try to patch it.



you can at least backup the firmware with my tool

if you would also post you firmware here…

please use the console version to dump both the main firmware and the core firmware


thanks for the file

have done the dump of the main and core, hope i did it correctly

could not attache it to from here

attached it to 2 location in case one dont work

[ files.rar]( files.rar)


yep you dumped them correctly. thanks


here is the firmwares packed into a windows updater

the exes is compatible with the MCSE but i dont think the firmware is… i cant be sure though… so be careful


with this dump files how can i patch it or can i use the MCSE tool on the main dump to make it rpc2 autoreset?
or need to recompile the file to be a firmware file?

hope that makes sense


wow ur fast


tested both but still show as rpc2 and require to change region
unless it still ask but will reset the number of time?


since i dont know if the firmware is tested i cant be sure if it works at all… but the way the rpc2 reset works is when you power off your machine it will reset the number of times you can change the region which is like 3 i think…


oh ok…will test and get back to u in a moment


well test and get back to u in a min


tested but the number of times did not reset


guess wont be able to do a flash this firmware


i did this steps

  • power off your PC
  • press the eject button and keep it pressed
  • power on your PC
  • wait 10 seconds
  • release the eject button

and got this as the details for the drive


can i cross flash using BH10NS30 firmware for this?

anyone can help on this?


MCSE should work fine with the BF00 firmware. After you flash the RPC2 autoreset patched firmware to the drive, it will set the change counter to the value it had at the time of the firmware flash after eaxch power on.


i know this is going to be a noob question

when the bd rom was in safe modem the BH10NS30 flash tool could see the drive, but when in normal mode it cant.
so the question is do i flash when it is in safe mode or normal mode.


As BF00 is newer than EL00-04 and has better BD media support you should not crossflash at all.


any idea how do i do the rpc2 autoreset???