Help With Unidentified Media

I have a rather strange thing happening with one of my two computers. The computer which is having the problem has an NEC 3500A dvd burner and a Plextor Premium cd burner. The problem is, whatever program I am using, whether it be Nero, EAC, DVDInfoPro, Plextools, etc, when I put in any blank media, it says it is unidentified media, unidentified write strategy, etc. I have tried all of my media, TDK’s, Prodiscs, Mitsui Gold CDR’s, etc, and same thing on all of them. The odd thing is it states what write speeds are supported, but not the manufacturer, what type of discs, etc they are. Now when I put the same blank discs in my other computer, which has a Pioneer A08XL and a Liteon 1633, all of them show the manufacturer, dye type, etc, etc - using the exact same programs. Has anyone ever heard of this?

Also, I don’t know if its related, but a lot of my discs, in particular my Mitsui Gold CDR’s, sometimes have bad scans, particularly at the end of the discs, when burning on the computer with the Plextor Premium, while they burn near perfect on the other computer with my Pioneer and Liteon. Given that they were very expensive, for CD Media anyhow, when I got them, I don’t really like burning coasters - but I would like to be able to burn some of them using Plextools Gigarec function at .8x. I am wondering if the less-than-stellar writing has anything to do with this odd thing of not recognizing the media, or if it is the firmware (which is latest) of the Premium drive.

Any input on either of these two matters would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

By the way, before it gets asked, both of my systems are virtually identical. Both are 3.2 pentium 4’s running on Asus p4p800-e deluxe boards with 1gb ram. both are set up the same, with each optical drive set as master on each of the 2 IDE channels. The only difference is the system with the Plex Premium and the NEC (problem system) is running Windows XP Media Center 2005, while the other is Windows XP Professional. I don’t know why that would make a difference however, as they are virtually the same OS, with the added Media center feature. Also, the video card and sound cards are different, although I don’t see why either of those would have any bearing. The firmware is current on all drives, all software (service packs, drivers,etc) is up to date. I apologize if this question is the wrong forum to post to, I wasn’t really sure where to put it. Almost all of my questions are always answered somewhere in previous posts, so I’ve done some pretty extensive searching too, but this problem really has me stumped.

Do you have CloneCD or Alcohol 120% installed? If so, you must’ve checked the “hide cd-r info” option. Simply disable it and all will be fine again.

That’s exactly what it was! Thank you very much for your help, ME$$ENGER!