Help with tunebite

whenever i try to use the high speed dubbing feature in tunebite on my 1 computer no matter what speed i dubb it at every so often any song that i do it with the audio has like popping sounds and this doesn’t happen on my other computer. The computer that is experiencing the problems has 640mb of ram more than the other and it is a p4 2.6 whereas the other computer is an intel celeron 2.0. I uninstalled tunebite and reinstallend. Whats left for me to do

Solution: use Soundtaxi instead. I bought the whole damn Audials package and it sucks. Your happiness is one click away:

coolguy202 what do you mean with popping sounds? are there parts of the song that are missing or strange noises that appear during the song? Also, after you uninstalled/reinstalled Tunebite the problem persisted ?


If you want to advertise a product here, at least do it properly…
Can you please elaborate, why the whole Audials package sucks ? Especially that it contains other applications too, not only an audio converter like soundtaxi