HELP! with ts-h552b

I need help with this, i have a Samsung DVD-WR ts-h552b, i have 4 months with it working fine, and one day when I was burning a data cd it showed an error on the lead out, but the cd was fine, but then the dvd-wr can’t burn Cd-R, I’ve tried diferent things, I changed the firmware (from tso4 to tso8) and nothing. I had the dvd-wr as a master and a LG cd-wr as a slave, and i’ve changed that too, and nothing. I have, nero 6, pinnacle, alcohol 120%, clone cd, clone dvd, fireburner, any dvd. I’ve uninstalled the alcohol 120% and nero, and reinstalled nero, and nothing. I’m thinking about uninstall and format the pc, and install everything again. The DVD-WR can read cd, cdr, cdrw, audio cd, and all types of DVD, it can burn all types of DVD, and can burn and erase cdwr (this is weird) but no cdr. HEEEEELP!!! :sad:

It’s me again, i’ve formated the pc, and… NOTHING!!! my ts-h552b doesnt burn cd-r, it just leaves blank cd’s, and now my Lg Cd-r doesnt burn right. What’s the problem??? Is the bios? or both roms are broken?? HELP!!

if both of your drives cannot write to this media, i would suspect your discs are poor.
maybe a bad batch, can you get others to try ?

I was burning, Lg 48x cdr, Sony Cdr and a samsung cdr. All failed :sad: