Help with this PS2



I have an old PS2 with swap magic, the problem is that its only reading like 3 from 10 games, it reads winback original, reads also the swap magic cd and some cdr games, but not the swap magic dvd, someone checked inside and says that it cant be fixed, that is too expensive to repair. And all this suddenly, it was working well before. What can I do? or where else can I post this?


by the way, the games that the ps2 reads (very few) reads them very well, the man said that there’s a chip that needs to be fixxed, but its too hard, something like that


As seems the laser is gone as it reads only CD based stuff. So no chip fix but a new laser is needed. Not a cheap thing, but is worth the price.

regards, Stephen


Seconded. :iagree:

Sounds [I]very[/I] much like a lens problem.


I hope is a lens problem but, why it reads winback original dvd very well?


Originals can be read more easily than backups. Your laser is old and probably the azimuth and white cog(s) are also not properly adjusted. Swap Magic DVD’s have a special copy protection scheme that causes reading problems with old and dying lasers. Also how much data is on that Winback DVD ? The less it has the easier to read that. Ps2’s usually have problems with reading the outer part of the disk for the first time, then as time passes by the laser dies completly. (at least one part, usually the DVD)

regards, Stephen


Winback is just 536MB, the technitian guy that said that is too hard to repair said something about the azimut, and that there is a chip or something that need to be fixed, my question is, must I just change the lens?, or there is some other problem? and is good if I just get another swapmagic DVD, (mine is some screwed up). If thats it then where can I get on internet a lens for a PS2 v4 SCPH-30001 and a swap magic that ships international, here in Costa Rica its had to get those parts. :bow:
Thanks a lot!


So as I supposed that there is just a little data on the Winback DVD, that is on the inner part of the disk that can be read more easily, and that is the reason why it boots. If anything boots (CD and DVD) then there is no any serious problem with the board itself (so changing any “chip” is not really needed … :D) but the problem is the lens and/or the adjustment. You can check the things you could try before investing into a new laser:

hxxp:// go to the laser repair section and check

1, white cog setting (remember to mark the original position)
2, azimut setting (mark the original setting)
3, laser pot values
4, laser type

if that is a V4, you have a Sony 400B laser, if it is needed to be replaced get the 400C that is much much better.

regards, Stephen