Help with the sims complete collection!



ok…so I’ve tried just about everything i could possibly find all over the internet on how to make a working backup of the sims complete collection. i go to college so i want to leave the cds at home for safety reasons and for the life of me i cant figure out how to make it so i dont need a cd. i’ve tried all the online mini-images…they dont work. i even tried making my own, but nothing. no matter what happens it says, enter the correct cd. so if anyone knows about this specific game plleeassee help me out! ill do ANYTHING!


Are your roommates really that bad?


its not so much my roomate…altho her handling any of my movies or music is a BAD idea…she has a tendency to leave them lying around…OUT OF CASE! but the people she brings over…i spent a lot of money for the collection and i dont want it to get messed up…or stolen


Could you just burn a backup disc and bring that to college?


Use 5star game copy, or gamejackal. It will make an iso image you can mount to a virtual drive, so it doesnt require a disk. I think that it stops you from being able to open the drive, so that the game is convinced there is a disk in there.