Help with the program cd dvd speed!

Hi guys.
I have Nero 6 installed and recently I have downloaded the cd dvd speed application program file version 4.01.

But all the tests are going fine except the quality test - when I press start it says: initialization error or somthing like that.

I run the file from a random folder - I have even overwritten the older cd dvd speed in the nero folder but - same results.
I want to check out the quality of my DVD discs.

Can you guys tell me what I am doing wrong and how can I run the Quality test?


What burner are you using. Not all burners support cdspeed quality test.

Your Plextor does not support disk quality scanning, use Plextools to do it.

How do I know this, well I read your other identical post in the newbie section.

It’s against the rules to double post like this so try & be more careful in future. As this isn’t your first post you really should know the rules by now.

Ok, my bad for the 2 identical posts, but I was very anscious to find out what was wrong.
It is Not Fair that the PLextor does not support cd dvd speed.
I like cd dvd speed more that PlexTools.