Help with the GSA-H54N

First of all i want to apologize to you for my writing skills, but english isn’t my 1st language. i’ll give my best try to make myself clear.
Well, i’ve recently bought this lg writer, and windows does not recognize it as a dvd writer, only as a cd/dvd reader. I’ve spent lots of time searching for drivers to update the system or something like that, but i haven’t found anything.
Could anyone give me a hand with this problem? I’d really appriciate it.


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This is normal when viewed in Explorer or My Computer, most of my drives are the same way.

Have you tried to burn a DVD to make sure it works properly? Download cdspeed and you should see your drive listed properly.

Should be fine though.

you were right, it was just an error in the cfg of nero
i have already burnt my 1st dvd
ty for the advice.


(i’m from argentina, i’ve got the proud to be one of the fans in the “that one night” dvd (H))

Nice! Glad you have it working.

Rock on man

I am also having a problem with this drive. I am using Windows Vista and the drive is not listed in Windows Explorer. Device manager shows that it is detected but there is a “yellow” flag indicating that it is not working. I try downloading new firmware. allowing Windows to try and detect automatically but it does not work. Can someone help me or point to some new firmware for this drive? Maybe Vista will finally be able to recognize it.

Further it appears that when I boot up my computer it shows up as device 0DD0. Is this normal? Bios only recognizes my burner as an ATAPI device and not as a GSA_H54N burner.

Please help. Vista is driving me nuts@!

Could someone please help with some suggestions to fix this problem. Nero does not list my drive. I only see an “image recorder” option.

I am really going nuts with Vista and this LG drive.

Well after all, I fixed the problem with this burner and as suspected it wasn’t the burner, but Vista itself. It had add some Upper/Lower Filters in the registry and these two filters had to be deleted. Now the burner shows up in My Computer and burns wonderfully.

Many other people have had other failures related to Vista not detecting the ODD after the OS installed fine. This fix will also work for those type of problems but remember to back up that registry and be very careful. Good Luck!


Im having the same problems with the drive, it will read but wont burn… how do I get it to burn??


Can you perhaps tell me how to fix it the way you did?:slight_smile: It worked for 2 DVDs. Everytime I restart my computer its there for like a minute, then it just disappears. Getting frustrated over here :smiley:


follow the link in my sig.