Help with The Fog?

I’ve been using AnyDVD to make copies to my harddrive and then do the rest with DVD Shrink. It’s been workin’ fine, even on things I had problems with before. Well, when I go to copy The Fog, the top line that tells you what it’s processing never gets to finish before the bottom line finishes (sounds like a boyfriend I used to have, heh!). I’ve had that happen before, but I was still able to open the files through DVD Shrink and burn them without a problem. This time when I try to open the files it says it can’t find the VIDEO_TS.VOB. I’m new to all this so I dont even know what that means. Help? Please? Thanks in advance.

P.S. - I should mention that everytime it’s happened (I’ve tried to redo it like three times so far, I think) each time it processes a little bit more. It would make more sense to me if it just stopped at the same place everytime. I still would have no clue what to do … but at least it would seem like it’s just trouble spot, I guess.

I can’t help you with using DVD Shrink, because I use CloneDVD and I was able to copy The Fog with no problem. To get more help you may want to tell us what versions of software you are using.

  1. Version of AnyDVD
  2. Version of DVD Shrink
  3. What region is the Movie
  4. FullScreen or Widescreen
  1. anydvd =
  2. dvd shrink = 3.2
  3. region 1
  4. widescreen i believe

we have clonedvd2 but i haven’t really used it and the others that have told me it wasn’t working or … something.

Using what method? Have you tried not ripping the folder to you hard drive at all (just have anydvd running in the background while you import the dvd in Shrink)? Have you tried using Anydvd ripper (right click the fox icon on your toolbar and select “rip video-dvd to harddisk”) and then using Shrink to process the video_ts folder that Anydvd ripper creates?

we have clonedvd2 but i haven’t really used it and the others that have told me it wasn’t working or … something

Anydvd and Clonedvd2 are able to handle The Fog without any issues, and if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of dealing with the types of error messages you describe in your original post in this thread, I suggest switching to Clonedvd2.

well, the method i used was … i’d put the dvd in … open up anydvd … click “copy cd” and put it all into one folder on my desktop. then i’d open up dvd shrink and click on “open files” and try to process it that way and it’d burn to a disk.

like i said before, i’m new to all this. i dont know what to do. it worked when i did it with dark water, but not the fog and now it wont work on the new harry potter.

Unless you want to use Clonedvd2, which would be the easier option, you’re going to have to learn how to use a program called Vobblanker, as the current version of Anydvd ripper (and you did use anydvd ripper, as you should, when you plan to use shrink) does not always solve all the compatibility issues that need to be addressed when using Shrink. Shrink is no longer developed and is unable to handle some copyprotection measures (mostly structural issues) as well as Clonedvd2 can.


so lemme ask you … have you copied the fog? and if so how did you do it? i finally got harry potter to copy and it worked fine. is this other program you’re recommending easy to use? my biggest problem lately is it keeps saying i dont have enough disk space to copy my stuff but i dunno what else to get rid of. everything i have on here is essential as it is and it’s bare bones. i’m not even sure why i would need space on my computer to copy a dvd, i mean … if i’m basically putting existing files on my computer onto a dvd… that just doesn’t make sense to me.

The original movie was most liklly a dual layer disk so it may be over 8 gig. Dvd shrink compresses it so you can fit it on a single layer disk. You have the copy that you copied to your computer taking space. You have the new compressed copy taking space too. Try emptying your recycling bin. Also, find where shrink is keeping temporary files (from the last thing you compressed and burned), and see if there are any old files still there. If ther is, delete them. That might free up space.
Fyi I copied the fog (cannot remember for sure but it was with anydvd and either nero or clonedvd2).

I did all that. I emptied my recycle bin, I cleared out any other copied files, I even took out some programs I dont use. I’m supposed to have tons of space but somehow dont. I dont know what’s up with that. I’m not the most computer literate person ever. For once the name I’ve used for years (kristyclueless) fits so perfectly, oh the irony.

Anyway, back to the subject, when i try to compress the file with dvd shrink it tells me it can’t find the VIDEO_TS.VOB. I can’t use DVD Clone to copy it directly to the blank DVD cuz it says there’s no room and I can’t compress/burn it with DVD Shrink cuz it can’t find some file … I dunno what to do. Do you have any suggestions?

It almost sounds as if anydvd didn’t copy all the files corectlly if it cannot find that file. when it copies it should give you a VIDEO_TS folder with all the files in it including the VIDEO_TS.VOB file. Try manually searching for the VIDEO_TS folder that anydvd created for the fog, and point shrink to that.

done that too. for some reason i dont think it’s copying all the files with the fog. it’s the ONLY dvd i’ve had this problem with without being able to get around it somehow. i wish i knew someone around here that could just come over and just … make it work.

i should also mention that sometimes when it copies the fog it copies like … 110 files and sometimes it copies 60. i dont understand that one either.

i am so determined to get this movie copied. it’s become my life’s mission or something lame like that. but not for tonight, i’m going to bed.

If you’re having issues with your puter HDD size and so on, any backup software may struggle. Try running cleanup ( - it’ll will free up an incredible amount of resources and then shut off your virus software and screensaver while doing your backup. “I have this friend” who after using most of the backup packages, finally pretty well settled with “DVD X Copy Platinum” and AnyDVD as his combination stating that although the DVD X Copy advert that comes up on any backup as the 1st screen was a bit of an annoyance, this particular package served his purposes the best.

And then one day when your frustration is lower Kristy, lets talk about firewalls, virus & spyware to lower those levels of frustration for your online computer. First things first though, eh? You won’t be clueless when we get done with ya… :wink:

I just backed up “the fog” yesterday. I can’t help you with anydvd- but I was able to rip it with no problem just by using dvdShrink… don’t know if that helps…

Hi…When I have ripped a movie onto my hard drive…and it needs shrinking…I use shrink…instead of clicking on FILES…I click on re-author…as when I used to click on files I also would get the same message you get (that you can’t find it)…Try clicking on the re-author and work from there,You can do it…you will find it then,Iam sure…Regards RayHenry

Your problem here has nothing to do with Anydvd.

i am so determined to get this movie copied. it’s become my life’s mission or something lame like that. but not for tonight, i’m going to bed.

Again, the simplest method is to use Anydvd and Clonedvd2. And you can take that to the bank. If you want to fiddle around with Shrink options and figure out how to use Vobblanker, more power to you. If you want the simplest solution use Clonedvd2.

I purchased CloneDVD2 but was a little disappointed (quality wasn’t quite what I had hoped on playing back the backup). Hopefully they’re always working on improving their software and I’ll be able to completely agree with you soon… :slight_smile:

It works fine functionally, again - just didn’t quite have the playback quality I’d hoped for.

I never stated Clonedvd2’s transcoder produced superior picture quality than Shrink or Recode, when using advanced analysis, (in fact, there are several threads where I stated the opposite; the difference though is the amount of time you have to wait in order to produce those superior results: Clonedvd2 is faster). However, the fact remains Clonedvd2 is an easier solution than having to use Shrink and Vobblanker (and I doubt you’re going to find a significant difference in output quality unless you’re compressing below 85%). When using Clonedvd2 I usually split the disc or use +R DL discs, so picture quality issues aren’t that important to me, when I do choose to use Clonedvd2.

If picture quality is extremely important to you, and you refuse to use +R DL discs (or refuse to split), then I would recommend taking a hard look at Procoder (if you can afford it); I am not overly impressed by the much lauded CCE.

how’d you do it? it wouldnt let me.