Help with Taiyo Yuden



I’ve been using Ridata for a while now and have been generally displeased with the video results.

After reading through this forum a bit, the Taiyo seem to be the best and I want to give them a try.

Can someone tell me which Taiyo model is the best? I saw certified ones and wonder if they’re better? Also, what are the best sources for genuine disks in the U.S.??



look for big brand names like Fujifilm, Sony*, TDK, Maxell* that are made In Japan if you are going to shop at retail stores (* denotes–not always Taiyo Yuden, those companies have media of their own, but they are very good quality). And if you want to shop for taiyo yuden online, I highly recommend, but and are pretty good too. Stay away from Ebay Taiyo Yuden unless they bear those big brand names.


I’ve always had better luck with ordering TY straight from the source. You can actually get value line TY for less than Ritek/Ridata. and are the ones I recommend. Stick to the ones that are advertised as TY and not some no-name brand that claims the TY media code though. :wink:


Rima is the best distributer for TY. You may find a better price, but not better service or a more reliable vendor.


Why not go to, I always get great price.


Two reasons:

  1. Compare the overall store ratings at stands far and above the overall ratings of

  2. The media being sold at cdrdvdrmedia and supermediastore, shop4tech, ect. is 4x Value Line TY DVD-R. The stuff at is 100% bona fide Premium line 8x TY DVD-R. So it is more expensive but you are buying from a more reliable site and you are getting media that has stricter quality control standards. Don’t get me wrong 4x value line TY is outstanding and stands above and beyond the vast majority of other media, but if you want absolutely nothing but the best, then Premium TY is the way to go.


BTW here is a direct link to the reviews: has 2x as many reviews and not anywhere near the number of complaints that has. In my mind that is worth a few extra bucks when ordering. :wink: EDIT OH, just look a few reviews down. Seems that cdrdvdrmedia and meritline are the same company. That would explain the consistantcy of the ratings.