Help with Swapmagic 3.6 w/ PS2 Scarface and MGS3 Sub?

Hey everyone, I am new to using SwapMagic and was wondering why scarface and MGS3 Sub don’t seem to play with Swapmagic? Is it something I did when i burned it? Anything I can do to make it play?

Scarface just gives me “not a valid PS2 game” when I try to load it with swapmagic. And MGS3 will start and will get past the first screen in gameplay and then I will get a Disc Icon in the left hand corner of the screen. It will flash between that and a ? (Question Mark). are these games playable with SwapMagic 3.6 or is their something I have to do to them to get them to play?

Thanks for your help.l

It is a well-known fact that some PS2 games needed a patch in order to get the backup working with Swap Magic. These games were mostly games developed by EA.

I also remember that games stored on Dual Layer media cannot work with Swap Magic - unless you’ve got hold of an original PS2 game that has a TOC that tops 8 GB (for the Swap Magic TOC Refresh Mechanism).

But I don’t know anything about these two particular games. Maybe you’ll have more luck over at the forums. :wink:

After conducting some tests with a slim PS2 and Swap Magic Coder 3.8, I can confirm that games will only boot up from a DVD-R or DVD+R disc.

Swap Magic cannot boot up games from the DVD-RW and the DVD+RW format discs. I haven’t tried any + or - DL media yet but I suspect that I would end up with the same result.


I tried to copy Scarface myself and it wouldn’t copy. The reason is you need an extra booting disc as the data of scarface is 2 large 4 ur ps2. In the end i bought a copy from a local market which sells backed up ps2 games. Then i put the swap magic in as normal and then put the provided booting disc in which then loads and prompts me to put in the copy of scarface and it lays fine. Only problem is i’m not sure how to get hold of such a booting disc online

Wait a minute - did I see that right? Another boot disc for PS2 games apart from Swap Magic?

Please explain. :confused: