Help with swap magic



I need help with some ps2 torrents. %50 of the times I download a Ps2 game rip it doesn’t work. When I boot the game using swap magic the game plays but the screen constantly flashes. I can see through the flashing that the game is playing but the screen flashes making playing it impossible. If it happened once I would just think it was a bad rip but this has happened to me 10 times now! When I read other peoples comments about the torrent they seem to play it fine. There are plenty of seeders and leachers to which leads me to believe that its not a bad rip. I have a feeling that these are good rips and im either burning or booting them wrong. Im burning the iso’s with dvd decrpter to a dvd. I boot them with a slim ps2 and a swap magic v 3.8 disk. I have even tried zoomloaded.

Please, Any help will be appreciated. I have been trying to get these games to work for weeks now so I am not just some confused newb wrecklessly posting. I have tried to figure this out on my own for weeks but cannot get it to work. Dont think that by the time you read this I will have already figured it out or have given up. Thanks.


BTW: By flash I mean more that the screen rolls (almost like film in a movie projector) and the picture is black and white. I thought this bit of info may help someone better diagnose the problem.


I dont think that you will get much help for downloaded games.


Indeed not.

[B]@astro402:[/B] we do not give help with downloaded commercial console games, so please do not ask again. Have another look at the rules you signed up to here:

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