Help with SVCD cables

Alright, I have a laptop with a svcd output port, one 6’ svcd cable, and a 35" tv with a svcd port.

I need to play a divx on my laptop and send it out the svcd cable and into the tv so I can view the divx on my big screen. What do I need?

Is there any special software or anything I need to get this to work. I have already tried it and it doesn’t work, that is why I ask if I need software.


svideo instead of svcd? you have to set something in your display properties, telling it to feed out through the svideo port. generally, you can right click on your desktop, goto properties, click settings (where your screen res is), and then advanced, and it may be in there. thats where mine is, anyways.

good luck, post back.

yeah, I totally meant svideo wherever I said svcd, sorry I was tired at that moment.

Anyways, I went to right click > properties > advanced >

now there are general , adapter , monitor , trouble shoot, color management.

I don’t know what to do now, I believe it should be under monitor, but I go there and it has plug and play monitor selected. I do not believe svideo is plug and play. What do you think?

This is win xp home

what type of video card/adaptor does this laptop have? Usually if it is NVidia based there is a NVidia tab along with the others you listed above to select a secondary output device (device selection)

No clue to what kind of gfx card, not nvidia for sure, It’s a sotecglobal laptop with a 32 mb gfx card. 2 month old computer at the stores.

It might be a SiS630ST AGP 2X video since that’s the one that’s on another sotec, I believe it might be the same.

I found a Sotec forum here:

to find out what video adapter it has right click Desktop>Properties>Settings>Advanced>Adapter

you usually have to have the proper drivers installed, to recognize the svideo port, and then its just a matter of switching display properties. i have an nvidia card, and it allows me to switch so that the display is on both, or 1 of the 2 monitors.

SiS 650

What do I do now?

I agree with ckin 2001. There are probably stock XP drivers installed that can not take advantage of the 2nd display.
I would go to SiS and D/L the latest video drivers:

also look here: #9
I would imagine the process would be the same for you.
However it looks like XP does not have a tab to select Svideo/TV out. the above link states:
“4). If using Windows 2000/XP, there is no the tap under Display Properties, Please set your display mode
on 640480 60Hz for NTSC, or 640480/800*600 50Hz for PAL to get TV-OUT. Don’t set your display
mode to other mode for TV-OUT, TV set can’t support other display mode except above mode”
I would try setting resolution to your region (NTSC is US, PAL is Europe) and see if it works

When installing the Sis650 chipset drivers (VGA drivers are included in those drivers!), a utility is installed to setup your video.
It should be placed in your systray, it’s a square-shaped “green” icon.

Just deselect the auto configure in this screenconfiguration utility and select the way you want your display to run. On most laptops, you can choose between different resolutions and combinations of the built-in TFT, external VGA and SVIDEO. My laptop works fine with this tool…