Help with ss2 and cablestar 2 with progdvb over the network

Hi there. I need some help and advice. I have got a ss2 and a cablestar 2 card on my pc both running with progdvb. Now i have just bought a laptop which i will ike to use to view the progdvb for ss2 and cablestar 2. I will like this be done wireless, but i just can not seem to make it to work. I have a router which supports 54mbs and so does my laptop. My PC is hard wired to the router. Can someone please help me as with my cablestar 2 i can seem to get progdvb to change channels via my laptop, but i do not seem to get any sound or video on the screen.

ANy help will be great


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While I have successfully got ProgDVB to stream satellite over a wireless network, there are a few things you need to do in order to get it to work properly. First of all, it does not seem to be possible to broadcast the stream over the network, i.e. from my experience I could only get it to work if I pointed the server at a particular client, since if I put it into broadcast mode, it would either crash my router or seriously degrade its performance, never mind get the broadcast to reach successfully to any client. Finally, you will need a good signal strength also, such as no more than two brick walls away from the PC (from my experience).

On your PC containing the DVB cards, enable the broadcast server as follows:

[li]Click the Settings menu and select ‘Module List’
[/li][li]Tick ‘Broadcast server’ if not already ticked and click ‘OK’.
[/li][li]Click the Service menu and select ‘Broadcast server’
[/li][li]Enter the IP address of your laptop into the Net IP field and click ‘OK’.
Now, make an identical copy of your ProgDVB folder from your PC to the laptop (back up the original first). This will ensure the channel lists and settings are identical.

Finally, on your laptop, change the configuration as follows:

[li]Click the Settings menu and select ‘Module List’
[/li][li]Uncheck ‘Broadcast server’ and click 'OK
[/li][li]Click the Settings menu and select ‘Device List’
[/li][li]Select ‘Broadcast client’ and click ‘Properties’
[/li][li]Enter the IP address of your PC containing the DVB cards in the ‘Server IP’ field and click ‘OK’ to both dialogues.
Finally, close out of ProgDVB on both the PC and laptop. Launch ProgDVB on the PC first and then launch it on the laptop. If all goes well, the picture should show up on the laptop and you should be able to change channels at either end. While it is possible to record at the remote end, it is more likely to get drop-outs due to the nature of UDP based streamining, particularly over a wireless network.

Thanks mate!!!

Got it working, but i get a message saying filter not founded @moonlight_Odio_Dekoda@ do you know what that is?

That error seems to indicate that one of the DirectShow filters is missing. One thing to check here is to go into the Settings menu and select ‘Audio and Video’. Go to the ‘DirectShow’ tab and ensure ‘Elecard’ is selected for ‘TV Channels’, ‘TV with AC3’ and ‘Radio’.

Otherwise, install ProgDVB on top of your existing installation as it installs the Elecard filter. Just make sure the ProgDVB version you install matches the version number on your PC. During installation, select ‘Register Elecard filters for software mode’ as well as select ‘Broadcast client’ for the ‘Select card/mode…’ In the new version of Progdvb, this seems to have become ‘Prog media client’.

The Moonlight Elecard Audio Decoder is missing.

Download and install or use another suitable one!