Help with splinter cell plz!




I’m new to Alcohol, i want to back up my Splinter Cell, can anybody give me some help on this ? i want to know is there anything i have to lookout for? (i dont want to waste my time and cd-rs) :slight_smile:



search will turn up many threads.


This link will help you a lot.

Things also depend on your hardware…would be nice to provide a bit more info in your future posts (as well as searching).

Hope this helps and don’t be afraid to ask more questions here, we are here to help…but we perfer to help you help yourself…


My reader/writer is Samsung SM-348B, is a CD-ROM & CD-WRITER Combo, im using Windows XP right now, is it ture that you cant make a working backup for the 3# CD with CD-RW?
And what setting i have to look out for?

More details for my drive :

Thanks again for your help.


I had made a copy of splinter cell with alcohol 120%, but it only works (perfectly) on the computer that i used to copy it, it doesnt work on any other computers? Where did i go wrong?