Help with Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

I have been trying to make a working backup for the last 3 days. I have been using Alcohol 120% using my LiteOn LTR-40125S. Its nothing but failure. I been reading krap loads of posts on here and have gotten to the point of confused. Will this burner even pull it off? What software seems to handle this version of safedisc(3.15)? Thanx for any tips you have.

There are a lot of reasons why a backup could fail. It’s possible you choosed the wrong profile according to your hardware, read or burned to fast, using bad quality media, forget to hide ATIP, maybe your hardware won’t be able to create a backup of this kind of protection… As SafeDisc 3.15 isn’t easy to handle some more information about what you did so far would be nice? Or maybe the easiest way would be trying out new CloneCD version using Protected PC Game profile for reading and writing as it should handle SafeDisc up to version 3.20.

Well Alcohols version of “hide atip” is on. I used Safedisc 2/3 profile, Read and Write at both 4x on all discs, using Fujifilm(made in Japan), which is Taiyo Yuden media. I will give your advice a go none the less. Thanx.

So it must be your Litey, give CloneCD a try maybe it’ll work. Good luck :).

It worked. Works with CloneCD installed or uninstalled. Just a question though. If for some reason it only would have worked with CloneCD installed and “hide cdr media” enabled, is there a freeware prog. out that will do the same? Thanx!!!

I read that DaemonTools is able th hide ATIP if SafeDisc emulation is checked. But I don’t know if your backup still works without CloneCD installed because of the emulation thing. There is a thread somewhere at cdfreaks how you can uninstall CloneCD but still use the ‘Hide CDR Media’ feature. You got to use the search engine.

Yeah Daemon Tools will hide the ATIP if that’s checked.
If you use Daemon Script you can enable ATIP blocking without Safedisc Emulation too.


I never used Daemon Script can you be a bit more precise about blocking ATIP using it Kitna?

DaemonScript is a tool you can use in conjunction with Daemon Tools.
With it you can make scripts that do for instance:
mount image
load executable
wait for executable to finish
unmount image

With this tool you can also make a script that does:
Enable ATIP block

It is actually availlable as a seperate emulation option when using DaemonScript as opposed to using Daemon Tools directly.

It is developed by Andareed so it is a high quality and safe application to use.


Thanks for the info kitna,

I know Daemon Script but I never heard of the option that it’s able to block ATIP.

I though Daemon Tools sorted that out while emulation was enabled?

Yeah it does. But what if someone wanted to block the ATIP without enabling Safedisc emulation? This can be useful if you are curious if your copy will run without bad sector emulation.


Hmm, thanks for clearing that up. But why write/use a script when you have Alcohol 120%/52% which can enable SafeDisc and Hide ATIP seperatly?

Maybe they don’t wish to purchase software to do something D-Tools does for free?

Point taken, but Alcohol 120% is worth it, when Daemon Tools hardly works for me.

It doesn’t matter either way. It worked with or without cloneCD installed.

What profile (settings) did you use in CloneCD to make your backup? I also have had a failed attempt making a backup of this game using a LiteOn SOHR-5238S, and Alcohol 120%

so its possible to back up with the latest clone cd, and to burn the image to a cd and it will work?