Help with Spare part for TS-E552U



I recently tried to set up my Samsung TS-E552U, however I am missing the power lead.

I am wondering if anyone knows:

a) What kind of lead it is
b? Where I can find it.

I phoned the 00801010101010101 etc number who were not really any help. They said try eBay!

Any help would be much appreciated

Kindest Regards



What exactly you are looking for?


The power cable for the unit.


Where are you based?


If you need the Power Supply cable and not the AC/DC power adapter. I can send you one, please PM me if you are interested.


Thanks for the offer Jan70,

However what I need is the AC/DC power adapter…

Does anyone have any idea of how to source it.

I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


R Harley


The AC/DC Power adapter used by Samsung should not be a problem to find. As it is a standard adapter used by many external drives, made by APD (Asian Power Devices Inc.).

I believe you can get the adapter APD DA-30C01 - 5-pin mini-DIN from Hamiltone in the UK, phone: +44-(0)1273-701648


Thanks people,

You have been a great help.