Help with Soundstream!

I just bought and installed a LTR-240102B and it works fine with Direct CD. I bought Easy CD 5.0 platinum and ran the upgrade to 5.01d OK.

I have a CD-ROM drive also that came with the puter. I load a music CD in that drive and want to copy x songs onto the burner. Soundstream insists on copying to the HD first and man is that slow! Why does it insist on doing this and is there a better way to accomplish this simple copying of a few songs from several CD’s?

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The Rodentman

Yeah, and I can’t record using Easy CD 5 without it caching to the HD. BUT I found out that my CD-ROM has a data transfer rate of only.3 ah crap I forgot, I think 45k/sec so I think it is simply way too slow to prevent buffer underruns. Or am I all wet? Well for $29 or so I can pop in a later model CD reader… Right?

The Rodentman

Most CD-ROM drives is very slow at reading music discs. Very many is locked to around 8X readspeed for music.

If you want a drive that is fast at reading music I recommend a lite-on LTD-163 DVD-ROM.

Or take a look at different transfer rates here:The CD-speed homepage

And you could download a testprogram, from the same page and measure your drive for yourself :wink:

Byside that I think Easy CD-Creator is crap, only my experience though…I prefer Nero. Nero has a lot more advanced features that Easy CD-Creator don’t have.

Thanks for the reply but can you tell me:

  1. Am I right that a slow transfer rate on the source drive will make the software cache to the HD?

  2. If I put a faster source drive in the puter will the SW copy drive to drive?

  3. OK I will look to other software…

Thank you,

The Rodentman