Help with Sony mini disc MD MZ-S1 software

Was hoping some of you knowledgeable fellows can suggest software for buring or copying MP3 to my sony net mini disc model MZ-S1…The software that comes with it is crap…and will not allow and copywriten songs to be transfered…I use nero for most of my needs and cannot get it to work with the mini disc…Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…Thanks

If you mean SonicStage then there’s more updated versions that are more reliable for transferring music to the MD. However the restrictions on moving songs back to the computer still remain, unless you buy a newer RH-1 (for which this facility is enabled for all non-NetMD recordings).

There’s a nice version of SonicStage 4 without the SonyConnect music download service rubbish. Get it from this page:

You’ll probably have to register with the Minidisc Community forums there first.

If all you want to do is to get the music from a CD onto the S1, then MD SimpleBurner is a better route:

(…again you will have to register)