Help with sony dvd burner

my sony DVD burner has been causing alot of errors lately. as of late, it will burn aprox 1 out of 5 discs, usually only working if i do it emediately after starting my PC. its a sony DRU-190A. and i’ve tried using Memorex DVD-R, as well as TDK DVD+R (these used to work fine)

ive attached 2 burn logs, can anyone help me fix this? could it be my drive is just worn out? or is it some kind of windows trick thats causing me issues?

ive tried uninstalling the drive via the hardware manager, and it claims to be transfering in Ultra DMA mode 2, but after a reinstall, it still isn’t working. any help would be greatly appreciated

@ sbeast86,

In some instances the Cdralw2k.sys Driver has proven to be problematic. Suggest reviewing the below referenced Microsoft Knowledge Base Article ->

Also in many instances both CMC MAG M01 and CMC MAG AM3 Media has proven to be problematic Media. Suggest obtaining known proven quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media which has an excellent proven track record of consistently producing quality error free results.