Help with sony cdrw drive



hey whats up i have a sony crx216e cdrw burner in my computer but my computer recognizes it as a crx230e i need help to get it to recognize it right because it wont burn cds and i have no idea how to fix it any help would be very much appreciated thanks


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A Sony CRX216E is actually a LiteOn LTR-48327S. A Sony CRX230E is actually a LiteOn LTR-52327S. All these drivers are from the late 2003/ early 2004 timeframe era.

Back in 2003/2004 it was very poplar to cross flash a CRX216E/LTR-48327S to a CRX230E/LTR-52327S. Apparently that is what has happened in your instance. Having your CRX216E/LTR-48327S crossed flashed to a CRX230E/LTR-52327S isn’t a problem and is actually is a good thing because the Drive should perform better after the cross flashing.

Having your Sony CRX216E being crossed flashed to CRX230E and being recognized as a CRX230E should not be causing your “Wont Burn CDs” problem. Something else is causing your “Wont Burn CDs” problem.

Unfortunately you have provided very limited pertinent information to make a meaningful assessment as to what might be causing your “Wont Burn CDs” problem. What software program and version number are you attempting to use to Burn your CDs? What Error Codes and Error Warning Narratives are you receiving? What CD Media are you attempting to use? The more specific detailed information you can provide the better Forum Member can assist you with your “Wont Burn CDs” problem.



yeah i usually use windows media player to burn and i also tried using nero but when i burn it goes through the whole process of burning but when its done theres nothing on the disc and it says its still blank there arent any error messages or anything and im using sony cdrw discs


@ soadfreak15,

Suggest reviewing another Forum posting I recently made when another Forum Member was also having difficulties attempting to use the garbage Microsoft Windows Media Player to record Media ->



i tried other programs but the sames thing happens theres nothing on the disc after its done burning