Help with Sonic RecordNow

I have burned dozens of discs with Sonic RecordNow software without getting stuck. . I have Sonic RecordNow version 6.7.1. . I have been loading various song tracks from Music on System to Music to Burn and this is apparently the first time that I’ve gone over 80 minutes record time. . I’m at 80:04 and when I hit the Burn button, it tells me that I’m over by 7 seconds.

There is a feature under Options and then General and Advanced that allows me to click a box to the left of Overburn by (sectors): but it also wants another piece of information that I don’t have.

There is an input box to the right of Overburn by (sectors): and still further to the right of that box it says 10 MB / 1:06. . That second input box isn’t a click-on check mark box. . It wants an input that I’m guessing is a number.

How do I figure out what to type in the box ?


At this site:

it says:
Overburn: Overburn is a technique some CD recorder manufacturers use to squeeze a bit more data onto a CD-R disc. RecordNow! implements this feature on supported recorders. To engage Overburning, go into the options menu (the wrench in RecordNow!) and choose General → Advanced. Check “Overburn by Sectors”. Then set the desired amount to be overburned by typing the number into the active text box.

Then set the desired amount to be overburned by typing the number into the active text box.
Amount of what ? . It says it’s a number but not the number of what.
I’m assuming it’s either MB or seconds, but even if I can make that choice I still don’t know what to put.

If I assume it’s seconds, do I type 80:04 for the total burn length, or 4 for the length over 80, or 7 because it said I was 7 seconds over the time allowed. . Apparently 79:57 is the max without overburning.

If I assume it’s MB, it says 10MB / 1:06 which is 66 seconds. . So one MB would be 6.6 seconds. . Would I type in 1 for 6.6 seconds or 2 for 13.2 seconds or do I have to know the MB of a sector and add 1 or 2 to that number ?

I’ve literally searched the internet for hours for the answer and nowhere can I get an answer to what the sentence means:
Then set the desired amount to be overburned by typing the number into the active text box.

Is there anybody else that posts on this site ?

Of course there are but probably not that many Sonic users , and fewer than want to risk overburning.

For 7 seconds worth, it can’t be done ?

Why is the feature on the software ?

Is there noone that understands what information they’re asking for ?

Consider for a moment that most folks here do NOT Overburn. There is another technique that is safer and in the end better. It requires that you edit the beginning and or end of tracks to remove the few seconds that you would otherwise be over. There are a number of programs that will help you with this.
As noted before-most people here are not using Record Now/Sonic products. I gave up on that and Nero when I found Ashampoo’s Burning Studio and Music Studio. You might want to consider them for your projects.