Help with sonic/recordnow

Please help – Dell and Sonic support haven’t been able to.

I used to have RecordNow on my old computer, and I found it very easy to use. Most often, I am making copies of non-protected live recordings (boots). The one-stop copying meets my needs without all that EAC, copying to hard drive, etc.

Anyway, I have a new computer with Sonic/MyDVD/RecordNow, and now I’m not able to use the copy function (“There was a problem writing to the disc”), even though it will copy the individual tracks under “create audio CD.” If it can burn, what might be causing it not to copy?

I’m using a Dell Dimension 8400 with a Sony DVD-ROM drive and a Philips DVD-RW burner.

Most likely something with not getting the drives to read/write fast enough, basically why doing a direct copy is a bad idea. Rip it to wav first with EAC, then burn with your choice of software. This way you’re protected in case of read errors, as well.