Help with sims cd2-4

Okay, here’s the deal. I am trying to make a backup of my sims 2 cds. Ive heard that cds 2-4 dont have any protection at all, so how would I copy them. Should I make an image and then burn it or should I just use the “copy cd” funciton in clonecd.

Help is appreciated

BTW, why isnt my backup cd of cd1 working if I made an image of it in Alcohol 120% and burnt it using in both safedisc2/3 profiles and if my burner supports efm encoding?

i used alcohol 120 percent works fine to 100 percnet you can burn it with clone cd 5

doesn’t matter and program also. but i would recommend (since u are using ccd) creating the image onto your drive and buring it with the game cd profile, as u said there is no protection.

It doesn’t matter how you make backups of the 3 cd’s, but cd 1 have safedisk 3.X. Games with safedisk 2.9 and above is hard to backup, even if you burner have correct “efm”. you need to look in the forum for people who knows witch burners can handle this protection.
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