Help with "shrinking" avi tv episodes and other questions

I have downloaded avi epiodes of a program that I would like to put on dvd. I can only get 2 episodes on one dvd and I want as many as I can get without losing quality. I downloaded winavi to convert the episodes into dvd format and then I got DVD shrink to try to shrink them, but when I select the file in dvd shrink, nothing hapens, I don’t know if it’s as compressed as it’s going to get ?

Also,also, after I change the format in WinAvi and play it on my computer’s video player, there seems to be a black box around the video playing instead of the video taking up the whole screen, does that make sense? and is there a way to get rid of it?
Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to get more episodes on one disc?

Thanks so much!!!

Oh, and I’m using nero to burn currently , is there a better program out there that is better?

maybe there is something wrong about conversion,you can email to,they can help you.

Yep, you have Winavi, so contact their support.