Help with shareaza

I am trying to download a file using torrent through shareaza. The file size is 699 MB it has downloaded and 698.5 Mb has been downloaded. Now it has stopped downloading, in shareaza it says that all the sources are uninterested to give the last chunk of file.

I donot want to re-download it again is there any way to retrieve the 698.5 mb of data as it is a video file.

I do not have much knowledge about torrents and where can i get more information about them?

Kindly Help Me…



the file is in the incomplete file’s {just got to run in the start bar and do search for shareaza} and right click on it then go to open with and used windows player.


but to start the download after that again just do the same thing with shareaza

I retrieved the incomplete file but i am unable to play it, it is divx movie.

I think theres a program called divfix that will allow you to “repair” the incomplete video and then you can watch it.

Where is this divfix availiable???

Try Here First


Try Here

As stated above divfix should do it. This has happened to me a couple of times and divfix worked. If not you can try running it thru Virtualdub

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