Help with securom autoplay

If you have read any of my previous posts you would have seen i have been trying to copy enter the matrix and trying to get it to run without emulation of any kind as it has securom 4.8x.

Well i have 7 brand new coasters and still no luck. So i just gave up and decided to go for the emulation approach. I had autoplay enabled and burnt the copy. I installed blindwrite suite onto my laptop (i made the copy on my desktop) and tried to install it on my laptop. Now this copy got further than any of my other attempts (aroung 97%) but then, i got an error message saying basically wrong cd in drive, put in disc 1. This did not happen on the original and when i put in disc 1 i get another error message and it shuts down installation.

Have i installed autoplay? is it a seperate program from blindwrite installation? How do you enable it(So i can check if it is enabled or not)?

Why is it coming up with these messages? I am a newb in seek of some guidance:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Hentaibobb what version of blindwrite do you have. I’m using the older This the version i used for the matrix. You could try this and see what happens.

this might help you out somehow. I’ve backed up the matrix all discs installed perfectly on all my drives and played even when i un-installed blindwrite and alcohol120% The version i use for all my securom 4.8 games was blindwrite suite so i don’t know what version you have of blindwrite. I done bwa files for all the discs even though there not all protected. Put the play disc or whichever one you choose in your writer open blindread go down to Configuration. Select Next and un-tick use live assist & click next. Select dump the image of cd rom tab. Make sure extract subcodes is ticked. Make sure the right drive is selected in the box. Click next. Choose mutiple gaps as the extracting method and set the mininum and maximum speed to max on both of them then click read. Once finished you’ll have 3 files in your blindwrite folder. Next open or run bwa builder in your blindwrite folder. Make sure the game disc is in the drive. Once BWA builder is open make sure the right drive is selected. Set the speed to 32x then click on start measure. Say yes to automatic last sector when it comes up. Once it starts you should get a curved line and then 4 seperate sections on the curve when it’s finished. If there’s no other lines which look out of place then you’ll have a good bwa file. Click on where it says file and then save bwa. Make sure you give it the same name as the game which you just saved. Check your blindwrite folder. Also if it’s in capital letters then make sure you save it in capital letters. You wont need to add the bwa part it will automatically add the bwa part to the file when you save it. If you dont get a good bwa readout try doing it again at max speed or a lower speed. You should now have 4 files including the bwa file. Next bang in a re-writable disk depending on the size of the play disc if you have any to save on disks. Open up blindwtrite and select the configuration then click next. The only things that need to be ticked in this window are autoplay support and automatic then click next when your finished. Select start cd writing wizzard. Ignore the max write, max read, buffer etc on the left. Make sure all of the boxes are ticked on the right hand side. Click the advanced tab. Make sure Dao PW is selected or if your writer dosen’t support it select them all except Dao Teac and then save the changes then click next. In the next window it gives info on the image your going to select. If it’s not in the box then browse the folder for it. It should be here if you saved it to your c drive. c:\programfiles\vso\blindwrite\yourgame.bwt. If it’s already in the box then click next. Click on start image verification.If everything went ok you’ll get all smiley faces except the physical media one.This is the bwa info file. If it dosen’t find the physical media file then check and see the bwa file is spelled the same as the games name you saved. Click next. make sure the writing mode is set to Dao PW and speed set to max. Make sure all 3 boxes are ticked for use bwa file, enhance weak sectors, and eject when finished then click on go. Once your disc is finished install the game from the writer then check to see if it will run. The game i done here was the matrix with all discs were read at max speed to images and all done at max write speed and all bwa files done at 32X. When finished uninstalled alcohol and blindwrite and still recognised the playdisk everytime. I have also noticed on the odd game that different write speeds have an effect on the odd disc being recognised. I just lowered the write speed to 10x on these discs and everything is now grand. All you need to do now is print this out. Ha! Ha! If you can’t get proper bwa files try downloading it.