Help with SecuROM

I bought a few new audio CD’s and found a new Sony protection ‘‘SecuROM’’. I tried to rip with Audiograbber, Exact Audio Copy, Easy CD-DA Extractor but without success. Anyone have an idea?

securom on audio-cd? which protection scanner did you use to determine that?

A-Ray Scanner
I tried also with a latest A-Ray Scanner…

I solved the problem with AnyDVD. :slight_smile:

I’m still curious about that. Is it an executable in the data track that is protected ?

A-Ray Scanner found Player.exe that is protected with SecuROM But I think that the real protection is ArccOS (Protection based on unreadable Sectors).

Arccos is only for DVD-Video, not audio CDs. IMO your CD contains a data track with the DRMed tracks and some playback software (which is itself protected with securom), and the rest is normal audio tracks which are hidden by default.

You’re right. Normal audio tracks are hidden by default. When I try to rip audio I got audio with holes every one second.