Help with securom 4

i have recently purchased the new yamaha cd-f1 and i bought ut2003 and i usually make a copy so i can read AT LEAST in my cdrw drive but since im seeing all this unsucessful burned copys im scared of getting a coaster. if i burn it can i at least read it in my cdrw drive ,and if some one has made a 1:1 copy please tell me how

(off-topic) if any one played unreal 2003 it is awesome and makes me just want
to prolong the disk life even more!!!

UT2003 uses a new and improved version of SecuRom and cannot be copied no matter what you try and use as hardware. The problem is that the protection checks the presence of physical parameters found on the original glass master. More information here. The Yamaha CRW-F1 has no problems with older SecuRom NEW versions as found on Neverwinter Nights and Warcraft III.

i understand but i have a hypothesis that perhaps if i used disk t@2 with some kind of program i could recreate the sectors that have the phyisical errors on it

am i talking crazy or it “could” be possible

You are talking crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

why is that

Because, no one has done it yet. And it scares the general public. Stop it your scaring people. Pshhh, whatever, getting through Securom 4, you wish :smiley: ! (in bout 2 or so more months, there will be a ways around it, dont worry friends, THIS is not the end of cd copying!)

but still your just brushing away what i have said is it or isnt it possible and why not (i whouldnt mind a technical explanation)

there has to be something my disc t@2 can do except make tatooes??

someone who has any info will be greatlly apreciated

Originally posted by what3000
there has to be something my disc t@2 can do except make tatooes??

Nope, that’s really about it. Pretty useless “feature” if you ask me. But that’s just my opinion.

Read the different threads posted here (the search feature is your friend) about the new SecuROM and you’ll see that, so far, it’s fooled the most brilliant CD-copying minds on this forum. Have some patience - there will be a way around it. Just a matter of time is all.

We’re all in the same boat here, but when someone finds the fix they will be next-to godlike until the next round of copy protection comes around and so on and so forth. :slight_smile:

so it never ends

we can be 50 and still have protections bugging us even though we bought the game

its kida depressing if you think about it:confused: but i guess ill be waiting in prayer until someone finds a solution but …come on the guys here are pros they’ll figure it out somehow,hopefully,in the near future