Help with SATA Hard Drive Installations

Hello everyone I need help installing my Maxtor SATA HD. I made sure everything was plugged in correctly but I got this disk, I am quite sure it is for installing the SATA like when you go into the bios, but am kinda lost in what to do, anyone have any suggestions, I have the MSI 865PE NEO2 motherboard.

enter BIOS and make sure any settings for SATA are enabled. but there is WAY more info you need to give… whatz you system setup at the moment, for starters ?

well should I enable just the SATA or both SATA and ATA in the bios? What other information do you need, hey if you have aim maybe you can help that way, might be faster.

well, is it a new system that will need an operating system installed. does it boot. what is current hard drive set up ?
no AIM, sorry. but my mobo has same chipset Intel 865PE i got 2 120GB WD SATA drives.

well it is fairly new, i had a seagate 200 gib, but decided to get a sata instead of 80 gbs, and yes since i took out the old hard drive it will need a new o.s. I will use that old hd as storage for various things. Yes it boots runs, but it says something like disk error or non disk something after booting up, I can get into the bios, it runs fine just like before except for that problem.

sure, well you go into BIOS and set the old IDE 200GB to ,say, IDE MASTER [ or whatever you set the cable/jumper to on it }. set your SATA as SATA PORT 1 [or 0, depends on the BIOS options. ] then if you wanna install,say, XP, you need set first boot device as CD-ROM, second as SATA…etc. put CD in. restart. BUT FIRST you need to get the correct intel drivers off that CD, put them on a floppy, and when you go to install you hit F6 so XP will load the SATA drivers from the floppy. email me if you need those drivers cos i have them. oh, wait. i’ll up them to YSI for you if you want.

are you referring to the intel IAA RAID Driver disk that came with the mb?

yeah, but you need to extract the sata drivers from the IAA file…at least you USED to. don’t know if INTEL have changed that stooopid idea yet. read the readme in that IAA setup CD for the how to.

Yes I think I did that when xp asked, said to press f6 like you said. Hey this SATA drive is fast, usually I would have to wait like 30 - 60 minutes for ntfs quick to be done, it got done in like 3-5 minutes now I am on the windows screen setup. Hey I appreciate your help, hey do you think installing another 80gig SATA would be better then just having one 80 gig SATA and one 200 ATA ? I don’t know just happy something is working today. Thanks

Hey one more thing, after everything is installed what did you install from the cd that came with the mother board?

not really. another sata will just seem almost the same. when done you need to install the intel chipset utiliy INF.
always good idea to put the page file on the spare dirve though.