Help With SafeDisc 4.0

Hey Guys… Could anyone help me with safedisc 4.0 protection… I bought these games (Prince of persia warrior within and Playboy the mansion) and tryied to make backup copy but the cds with protection does n’t work at all… I got Samsung DVD RW… and using windows xp plus can use any other recording software u suggest to make 1:1 copies… I got clone cd AnyDVD Alcohol 120%… Thanks

The problem is probably your samsung drive.

Look at the Safedisc 4.00 thread above for a better drive.

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I can tell you for a fact its your DVDR drive. Most DVDR drives can only write > SafeDisc 2.6/9. You might be able to make an emulated copy but with SafeDisc’s Blacklisting will be a BIG prob. Try making an image (in Alcohol 120%) using the “SafeDisc” profile (NOT SafeDisc 2/3). Read @ it the slowest speed possable. Once the image is done, burn it off to a CD (Use a CD-RW if you dont want to waste CD-Rs) again @ the slowest speed possable. After its burn, in Alcohol 120% go in the “Emulation” setting and check that “Ignore Media Type” is turned on. Then try loading the game. Post back how it goes.


ES Sports Nascar Sim Racing has SD 4-something, I could not get a working backup using my LiteOn burner, and Blindwrite [ latest ver.] and Memerex 'Black" media. I let Blindwrite use it’s Auto setting for burn process, will install, but not play, asks for correct CD on startup

any tips ?

I also tried using Tweaker, slowed down the read write speed, can’t find a tutorial for changing any other settings in Tweaker. Still can not burn a good backup of this SD 4.0001 Nascar Sim Racing.


I make the donwload of Playboy - The Mansion and I burn the CD 1 using the LG CD-RW GCE-8525B (options safedisc v.2 from alcoholer to alcohol) and the CD don’t play in this driver but play in LG DVDRAM DSA-4082B perfectly. I burn also burn the CD 1 using LG DVDRAM DSA-4082B (options safedisc 2/3 from alcohol) and the CD don’t play in LG CD-RW GCE 8525B but works fine in LG DVDRAM DSA-4082B.

That’s all!!

You downloaded the game?

If so check the following link for all the help you need.

And you have also dragged up a very old thread, it would have been better to sart a new thread instead.

Let me explain!!

One friend of mine bought the game and he make the images but he dosn’t know how to burn and other things related to protection and etc…
He created a localhost and I downloaded from him to help, so I help him, that’s it!!
I’m was just telling you my experience!!

Sorry if I hurt the norms of the forum!! I had no intencion!!


What was the format of the image files?
Do you know what program he made them with?

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The format is .MDS .MDF.
Was made with alcohol 120%.


The burner you have will probably not be able to make a working copy to be burned back. What I suggest you do is mount the image file on the Alcohol image drive, then make a copy with CloneCD on the “Protected PC Game” profile. The copy should work fine, but as it is a emulated copy it will require that CloneCD is installed on the computer you with to play the backup from.

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TY for the help!!
I’ll try make this, I never tryed to do for this way.

TY again!!

PS.: Sorry, again, for my first post, that download thing!!

No matter about your first post, I think you just chose the wrong word so people assumed you meant a illegal warez download.

Anyway, post again if you have problems getting this method to work.

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