Help with Safedisc 2.9



Hi, I’m trying to copy a data disc that is encrypted with Safedisc I have used Alcholer and used the same specificiations into Alcohol 120%. The image that is created works fine using the Virtual Drive but I can’t get the CD to work. I’m using a HP cd-writer 8230e. Any helps or suggestions?


Looks like your HP burner is an Alcohol Free burner which means it can’t correctly write regular bit patterns. Alcohol’s “Bypass EFM Error” option may work or not with your drive. Use the SafeDisc 2/3 datatype to read and burn and if the created backup doesn’t work, you will have to enable the BAD Sectors emulation.


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Unfortunately, your writer does not support correct efm encoding so there’s no guarantee of a successful emulation free copy.

Your best bet is to try using alcohol with the default safedisc 2/3 settings. (Make sure that you enable Ignore media type in the emulation options before trying to run the back-up copy from a writer; not required from an ordinary cd/dvd rom.)

If that doesn’t work, then try making an emulation assisted copy. Either blindwrite with weak sector enhancement and autoplay or CloneCD with weak sectors emulated and hide cdr media enabled from the system tray should work. Alternatively, try alcohol with bad sectors emulation as suggested by Lvsitano in the post above.


I am trying make backup of MOHAA “Breakthrough” using Alcohol120, one problem I have 2 writers in my system a Plex 1210Atapi (F) and a Liteon 40122 USB(G). Alcohol has replaced the liteon with their virtual drive and my liteon is not even listed as an option in alcohol abd in my device manage the liteon is disconnected. How do I get my Liteon to work in alcohol?
512 pc3200
plex 1210A Atapi
sony 52u cdrom
liteon 40122 USB
Help would be appreciated