Help with Roxio Disc copier


I was just wondering if anybody could help. I have Roxio Disc Copier v6.1 (1.7) on my machine. I went into the disc copier menu in order to make a copy of a DVD. Although everytime I put the source DVD in to start to copy I get the folling message appearing on the screen.

" If the source disk is a multi session DVD Disc not all sessions on the disc will be copied. Do you want to continue?"

When I click OK, I get a second message which says

" The target device is incompatiblewith this recording "

I have have tried using various DVD’s but still get the same message. I have also tried having a look at the menu’s to change things but I can’t find how to change things to get it working. I am able to copy audio CD’s without getting any problems it just seems to happen with DVD’s.

I was wondering if anybody else encountered this problem and if so could you provide me with the solution, on how to get this working?

many thanks