Help with Rome Total War

I know that there might be many threads relevant to this, but I seriously need help on this topic. My friend has kindly helped me burn an original copy of Rome: Total War and after some searching, I managed to install it through a desktop install. However, whenever I try to start the game with the first cd, the application will state that it cannot locate the cd-rom with the message “Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application”.

I have found out that this might be due to the Safedisc 3.2 in the first disc, and I tried following the guides to create an image for the app. However, whenever I try to start the application with the image mounted, it still shows the same error. My question is, is it possible for me to successfully remove this barrier so that I can use the disc? Or is the genuine copy of CD1 of Rome Total War required?

My final question(not of high priority) is that will I be able to play Barbarian Invasion (expansion pack to RTW) if I install it? I really want to buy it.

Thanks in advance.

What program did you use to make the back up.Do you have Rmps enabled. What are the names of the readers/writers he used.