Help with ripped movies

I am wanting to save my movies to my harddrive and watch them from my hardrive. I have ripped a with anydvd, but now I am having problems watching my ripped movie. Windows media player says “Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer”.

I dont even want to use Windows media player but I dont Know of a better video media player.

I would like to have a video library of all my movies in my harddrive then watch them on my plasma tv (via video card, dvi to hdmi) is this possible can any one help me please?

Give the VLC media player a try

I did briefly but it seemed to have terrible video quality is it me or the settings or what?

Also I am not sure how to find the movie through vlc, when I used it I went through windows explorer and clicked on the file path of the movie and only got part of the movie, this might be me.

Thank you for your reply

My ripped movies in my harddrive appear to be broken up into .99gig files. So when I try to view them I can only see .99gigs at a time. Is this a common problem can I change this so the whole movie is in one file or what please help.

I am ripping with Anydvd and then viewing with VLC

I reinstalled Vlc and is working fine now unknown why video was not good before but seems to be fine now:iagree:

Probably this happens because you select a single vob file. To watch a movie you should not select “open a single file” with VLC.

Select instead “open folder” and browse the hard disc for the folder containing ripped files.

It is normal to have 0.99 GB chunks :slight_smile:

Thank you

That was it I was trying to open a single file not a folder. Although it was under open directory. Now I can stop beating my head into a wall:) Thanks for the


or if you have time you can save your file as an iso & watch your movie using virtual clonedrive (its free) & windows media player kicks in :iagree: