Help with ricoh combo burner/nero- please

when i tried to burn some files today, it fails to write a cdr, it will give me these errors.

“illegal mode for this track.”
“invalid writestate.”

i have a ricoh mp9060 (1.60 firmware) sc/dvd re-writer combo drive.

using nero 4.0 and the latest versions both give me these error messages.

please help .

Try to use another kind of CDR,

or try to uninstall Nero, then install the latest version

Hope it helps

i’ve got fireburner 2 .0? but i had more or less the same type of error message/s.

i was a wondering if it was music match and a nero conflict, as i had trouble with music match and ahead’s cd packet cd software prog in the past.
but i will try the latest version of nero and other’s to see if i get the same prob.

btw…clone cd 3.0 ? works fine… so i can prob rule out a aspi layer type prob.