Help with Renegade



I have the above and tried to make a backup of C&C renegade with 3341 read with tos 1612 with sub on and fes. also read with fes only and was unable to make a working backup I used the same settings for mohaa and it worked fine.
Any help would be great
700e oc933
10 gig maxtor 7200
20 gig maxtor 5400
ati all in wonder radeon
1612 dvd
also used clone cd 4 and that didn't work


Can you please post a log for the read of Renegade.
If possible a log for the write (Burn to CDRW is fine).



I think that you should try installing the original disk frist. If this doesn’t work then the problem is that you need to update your video card drivers. Renegade is strange in the way that if the video card drivers are not supported it wont install at all. So try the original’s then if it still doesn’t work then you can bet that you have made a successful backup. I went throught the same thing. come to find that I had made a few working backup’s. Good thing I didn’t toss any of them, before I notice that the drivers were the issuse. Lot of luch to ya. I hope this helps.


Thanks everyone. All this advice is detailed here & here



Just to add a bit more advice to updating your video card drivers is that I would say make sure you have an up-to-date driver for EVERY component in your computer. The reason I say this is I have experienced very dodgy behaviour whilst playing C&C Renegade whether it be from a backup or the original.

Also I found that when I made a backup of the original using CD-RW media no matter what settings I used I could not get the game to install but as soon as I used CD-R media it worked fine :confused:



I have copied it a few days ago with my Liteon 40X (read and write with this drive)
And when I have burned it too fast it wasnt working.
So my advice: Burn slow !!!
Greetz Gräfdig Gloner


Hi, I have copied renegade with both my plexwriter 40/12/40A and my liteon 40x12x48x. Each time I read and wrote with the writer i Burned with. plex read plex write. Liteon read liteon write. Umm, I used clonecd4 beta 21 and… Everytime I would burn it it would pop up an error message saying please install the cd and try again. If I select cancel the game will go ahead and play. Note* if you are trying to play the game off of your writer you need to have hide cd media checked in your clone cd settings. This is at the icon at the bottom right of your screen. Right click on it to see it. If you live in the United states or I believe Japan, you need to go to your control panel and change your regional settings to something other than these two countries. Doing so will give you the hide cd media option.