Help with refresh rate please

Just got my new computer built and when I boot up it comes up like its loading goes to the DOS then goes blank. I hit reset and it comes back up tp the DOS screen that allows safe start or “Start windows Normaly” I hit start norm and it fires right up. I am wondering if my refresh rates between my monitor and computer are having conflicts? Monitor is a new Samsung LCD Sync Master and I have it hooked to computer with the dig. cable. Or could this be something else? Any thoughs appreciated. It works fine if I use my old CRT.

Did you install the monitor drivers off the install CD and remove the drivers for your CRT monitor? Kind of sounds like a driver conflict. Guessing of course.

I did install the new drivers but the old CRT was just using the Windows default drivers. Thanks

I believe I have solved it. So if this helps anyone else.
Pulled up specs on my monitor and found slowest refresh (horiz) at 75hz. Opend my vidio card and saw where rate was locked at 60hz. Un checked refresh rate safty box. Set rate to 75hz. FIXED…so far.