Help with Recovery



I believe that I may have to do a system recovery to my PC. HP Media Center
m7060n Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition.
Is there a way to save my DVDFab Platinum program or at least My Key which is saved on the PC so that I won’t have to go through trying to get it back from Fab. I have all my paperwork including a 43 digit key. Is this the key? Is it Just the numbers or Do I have to enter the http://XXXXX/key/numbers and/Key.stuff at the end. Its all in blue print. :doh:


I believe I would email the key to myself as an attachment, or copy it to a USB drive. The program files you can get anytime from the links here in the forum. Sorry to hear about your trouble. :frowning:


Thank you signals,
I think the stuff I put in the first thread was just an address. I think the key is about 170 random letters #'s etc. I sent it to a disc from MY Documents when I first received it but don’t know if that will work. I’ll attach it to an
e-mail to myself as you suggested. I wonder if there is a time limit on that like there was on the original. It’s just that I’ve read so many horror stories about people having such a hard time getting their’s back.
Thanks again for always being there.


I agree with signals. The easiest and most efficient method of recovery of your regkey, is to email it to yourself. Then, if you need it, just open the attachment and open Fab, no muss, no fuss. I do this with yahoo and gmail. It’s kept remotely, so it’s always retrievable. (To be honest, I’ve never had a problem with retrievable from Fengtao either). I also keep it backed up…both system clone and cd…I know…I’m really anal about this stuff… :bigsmile:, but I don’t want to tempt fate…you know how that’ll go… :rolleyes:

HP, as you probably know, has two recovery applications.
#1 Non-destructive…this will result in absolutely no data loss and per hp support, is successful 90 % of the time (have done it x2 with my wife’s pavilion…worked like a charm…10 % fails and results in reformatting)
#2 Destructive…will reformat to original factory configuration.

Mind my asking what kind of problems you’re having?
Have you tried xp restore?


Problem’s not with Fab. PC Locks up and after reboot it says it has just recovered from a serious problem. Winn DVD Creator is having problem Copying Live TV directly to disc. To the internal HP 640b that is. No problem copying with DRX- Sony 820U. Reinstalled Win with application recovery several times. Several system restores and back again. Ran Antivirus and spyware scans. Aol Computor Check up. Ran PC DR> Dianostic test on DVD drive 640b. I don’t know much about PC’s, can’t even zip a file or back them up. I learn as I go. Lots I don’t know Fab. Don’t even know what ISO means much less what its for or how to use it. Call me dummy. :rolleyes:


Also, you can email your key to a gmail, yahoo, or hotmail address because their email is not stored on your computer, it is on their server. If you need a gmail account, I have plenty of invites as they are by invitation only. The computer that I use to backup movies does not even have an email program on it, so I can always use my browser to get to the key. This is a good way to save keys for all downloaded SW. You may be able to boot in safe mode and get in your email long enough to get the email with the key in attachment form. Also if you have a floppy drive you can use it to save your key that is the reason I put a floppy drive in all the computers that I build.